We will be listing all the University of Ibadan courses as well as all the requirements for each of the courses. The University of Ibadan which is also known as (UI) is one of the well-known Universities in Nigeria. They have been officially accredited and recognized by NUC (National Universities Commission), Nigeria.

University of Ibadan courses

If you happen to be an aspiring student of the University of Ibadan, then you must pay attention to this article that will be revealing the list of courses offered at the University of Ibadan (UI).

UI Courses & Programmes

If you want to increase your chances of being admitted to the University of Ibadan, you must ensure that you choose the institution as your first choice. Below, you will also find the list of UI courses and programs and requirements for each of the courses as well to avoid making mistakes that may course you your admission.

To see the requirement for any of the courses you desire listed below, just click on the course, and the requirement of that particular course will be displayed as well as the O’level requirements.

1). Agriculture.
2). Forestry Resources Management.
3). Fisheries and Wildlife Management.

1). Archaeology.
2). Islamic Studies.
3). Arabic Language & Literature.
4). Archaeology Combined (Archaeology with History, Archaeology with Classics, Archaeology with Religious Studies).
5). Anthropology.
6). Religious Studies.
7). Classics.
8). Communication & Language Arts.
9). Linguistics and African Studies include (Linguistics, Yoruba, and Igbo).
10). History.
11). English Language & Literature.
12). Philosophy.
13). European Studies include (French, Russian, and German).
14). Theatre Arts.

1). Biochemistry.
2). Dentistry.
3). Medicine & Surgery.
4). Physiotherapy.
5). Physiology.
6). Human Nutrition.
7). Nursing Science.

1). Pharmacy.

1). Law.

1). Veterinary Medicine.

1). Agricultural & Environmental Engineering.
2). Civil Engineering.
3). Industrial Production Engineering.
4). Petroleum Engineering.
5). Electrical & Electronics Engineering.
6). Food Technology.
7). Mechanical Engineering.
8). Wood Products Engineering.

1). Economics.
2). Geography.
3). Psychology.
4). Political Science.
5). Sociology.

1). Adult Education.
2). Educational Management.
3). Guidance & Counselling.
4). Library Studies.
5). Human Kinetics.
6). Health Education.
7). Special Education.
8). Teacher Education (Arts, Social Sciences, Science, Pre-Primary Education).

1i). Archaeology Single Honours.
ii). Archaeology Combined: (With Geology, With Zoology, With Geography, With Botany).
2). Anthropology.
3). Botany.
4). Chemistry.
5). Geography.
6). Computer Science.
7). Geology.
8). Mathematics.
9). Physics.
10). Industrial Chemistry.
11). Microbiology.
12). Statistics.
13). Zoology.

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