Can I enter Laspotech with 140? What is LASPOTECH cut off mark (JAMB and Departmental) for 2022/2023?

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Below, you will find answers and everything you need to know about  Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH) JAMB and departmental cut off mark for the 2022/2023 academic session.

So without any further ados, below are the required score for admission into LASPOTECH — General school cut off mark and departmental cut off mark for all courses.


Has LASPOTECH Released Their Cut-Off Mark?


LASPOTECH cut-off mark for 2022/2023 academic session admission has been released.

What Is LASPOTECH Cut off Mark?

Lagos State Polytechnic Cut-Off Mark is a minimum point or score a candidate who desires to study in LASPOTECH must score in their JAMB UTME in order to be considered eligible to participate in LASPOTECH Post UTME and also apply for admission into the institution.

LASPOTECH has two types of Cut-off marks; the school General cut-off mark and the school departmental cut-off mark.

Now that you know what LASPOTECH Cut-off marks are all about, let us see the real Lagos State Polytechnic cut-off mark below.


Lagos State Polytechnic Cut Off Mark for 2022/2023


The management of LASPOTECH has announced 130 as the minimum cut-off mark for admission into the institution.

This implies that LASPOTECH now approves 130 as the minimum Cut-off point for its 2022/2023 academic session.

You are required to pass the LASPOTECH cut-off point (130) to be considered eligible to apply for admission into the institution.

Thus, you either need to score 130 or above to be qualified to purchase the LASPOTECH Post UTME form for admission.

What If I Score Less than 130 Can I Buy LASPOTECH Post UTME Form?


You wouldn’t be able to purchase the LASPOTECH Post UTME form if you don’t score up to 130 or above in JAMB.

LASPOTECH Departmental Cut Off Mark

The Lagos State Polytechnic Departmental Cut Off Mark (LASPOTECH courses and Cut off mark) For the 2022/2023 academic session has been released.

These Include Cut Off Marks For:

  1. Accountancy 170
  2. Agricultural Tech – 160
  3. Architectural Technology – 130
  4. Art/Industrial Design – 160
  5. Banking & Finance – 170
  6. Building Technology – 140
  7. Business Administration – 180
  8. Chemical Engineering – 160
  9. Computer Engineering – 160
  10. Computer Science – 180
  11. Elect/Electronics Engineering – 170
  12. Estate Mgt & Valuation – 140
  13. Fisheries Technology – 130
  14. Food Technology – 170
  15. Hospitality Mgt Technology – 160
  16. Insurance – 160
  17. Marketing – 160
  18. Mass Communication – 220
  19. Mechanical Engineering – 160
  20. Mechatronics Engineering – 160
  21. Office Technology & Mgt – 160
  22. Science Lab Technology – 190
  23. Statistics  –  140
  24. Urban & Regional Planning – 130
  25. Agric & Bio-Environmental Engineering – 130
  26. Civil Engineering– 160
  27. Horticultural Technology 130
  28. Quantity Surveying – 130
  29. Leisure & Tourism Technology – 130
  30. Accountancy – 170
  31. Agricultural Tech – 160
  32. Architectural Technology – 130
  33. Art/Industrial Design – 160
  34. Banking & Finance – 170
  35. Business Administration – 180
  36. Chemical Engineering – 160
  37. Computer Engineering – 160
  38. Computer Science – 180
  39. Elect/Electronics Engineering – 170
  40. Estate Mgt & Valuation – 140
  41. Fisheries Technology – 130
  42. Food Technology – 170
  43. Hospitality Mgt Technology – 160
  44. Insurance – 160
  45. Marketing – 160
  46. Mass Communication – 220
  47. Mechanical Engineering – 160
  48. Mechatronics Engineering – 160
  49. Office Technology & Mgt – 160
  50. Science Lab Technology – 190
  51. Statistics  –  140
  52. Urban & Regional Planning – 130
  53. Agric & Bio-Environmental Engineering – 130
  54. Civil Engineering– 160
  55. Horticultural Technology 130
  56. Quantity Surveying – 130
  57. Leisure & Tourism Technology – 130

NOTE: Ensure you reach the LASPOTECH school and departmental cut off mark before you go ahead to purchase the LASPOTECH Post UTME Form.


What is LASPOTECH JAMB Cut-Off Mark?

140 is LASPOTECH cut off mark. All UTME candidates that score 140 and above will be eligible for the LASPOTECH post UTME screening exercise.

Does LASPOTECH Accept second and third choice candidates?

YES! LASPOTECH accepts both first, second as well as third-choice candidates.

Will LASPOTECH Accept Me If I Score 160?

Yes! Only candidates that score up to 140 and above in JAMB UTME are eligible to apply for LASPOTECH Post UTME.

LASPOTECH is not among my choice of institutions and I wish to write their post UTME am I qualified?

Yes, you can. LASPOTECH management made it known that candidates could purchase their forms even if the candidate did not choose them during their UTME registration.

If I score 170 in jamb and still use LASPOTECH as my second choice can I gain admission?

YES! Provided you meet the LASPOTECH JAMB UTME cut off mark. LASPOTECH accepts second (2nd) choice candidates.

How Do I Change my polytechnic to LASPOTECH because I passed their cut off mark?

Simply buy ‘JAMB change of course form’. The form is sold for about 2,500 Naira. Fill in the necessary details and then submit. If your application is successful, then you will receive a notification via the mail you provided in the form. You can also see the success notification in your JAMB CAPS.

I got credits in all my O’Level subjects but my JAMB score is 150 and I’m applying for Banking and Finance. Will I be able to gain admission into LASPOTECH?

With a 150 JAMB score and credit passes in all your O’level subjects, you still stand a chance of being admitted into LASPOTECH but you must have a high post UTME score.

As an indigene of Lagos State, can I still be considered for admission into LASPOTECH if my score is below the cut off mark?

The minimum cut off mark for LASPOTECH (140) is the same for all candidates notwithstanding the candidate’s state of origin.

What is LASPOTECH cut off mark for Electrical and Electronics Engineering and other Engineering courses?

It is advisable that you score nothing less than 180 in your JAMB. This is to ensure that you stand a better chance of being admitted into LASPOTECH after your aggregate cut off mark is calculated.

Can I Study any Engineering course in LASPOTECH if I score 175 in Jamb?

Firstly, you need to confirm if LASPOTECH offers your desired Engineering course. And, though you are qualified to participate in the post UTME, I advise that you change your course to one with less competition. This is because 175 as a JAMB score may not get you an Engineering course.

I’m an indigene of Lagos State and I scored 160 in JAMB, can I secure admission in LASPOTECH?

YES, you can because you scored above the LASPOTECH minimum cut off mark. Nevertheless, gaining admission also depends on the course you chose.

Which science course can apply for with a 150 score in JAMB? My O’Level results are complete.

All science courses in LASPOTECH have their different cut off marks, although the difference may not be much. Thus, it depends on your post UTME score and the course you desire to apply for.

Can I study Accounting in LASPOTECH with a 150 Jamb score?

NO! Though you may gain admission into LASPOTECH, but not to study accounting. In order to study accounting, you require a higher score because accounting is a professional course. Our recommended score for accounting is 200 and above – To be on the safer side.

Does LASPOTECH accept students Transferred from other polytechnics?

YES! LASPOTECH accept transfer students provided they meet the requirements.

What is Lagos State Poly’s Cut Off Mark for Building Technology?

If you score 140 and above in JAMB UTME, you can study Building technology at LASPOTECH

Required Documents for LASPOTECH Post UTME Screening?

The management of Lagos State Polytechnic has stated that candidates for the LASPOTECH post UTME can come along with:

  • A pencil,
  • Passport photograph,
  • Print out of their post UTME online registration slip,
  • And other important documents.

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