JAMB CAPS Admission portal allows you to check your admission status, as well as allow you to reject or accept your JAMB UTE admission. The JAMB CAPS for the 2022/2023 academic session is now active. This means that once the JAMB UTME examination is ended, candidates who participated can then check their admission status via the portal.

Candidates are usually offered two options on the portal; to either Decline or Accept an admission if offered any. Thus, it behooves the candidate to either accept the admission or reject it. Some of the Universities in Nigeria have started releasing their admission list on JAMB’s admission portal. So if you are a candidate who participated in the JAMB UTME exercise, I think it’s time to check your admission status.

If you have been wondering What are JAMB CAPS?, it means JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board), while CAPS means (Central Admissions Processing System). It’s a new admission portal and policy introduced by JAMB. It requires that all admission be processed on the CAPS.

Please be informed that there are some schools that don’t release the names of candidates on the school notice board or portal. Such students are expected to check their admission status on the Jamb cap admission portal in order to know their fate.

As a matter of fact, there are lots of things you can do on the JAMB CAPS. You can decide to Accept admission or reject admission offered to you. You can also accept or reject Program/Course transfer on the JABM CAPS Admission portal and many more things. Below is how you can carry our the numerous activities stated above.

How to Accept or Reject JAMB CAPS Admission.

If you participated in the recent JAMB UTME exercise, then below is how you reject or accept admission on JAMB CAPS. You can either do that via your PC or your mobile smartphone. See the simple steps below.

For PC: How to REJECT Or ACCEPT Admission on JAMB CAPS.

1). First of all, navigate to the JAMB E-facility portal at http://www.jamb.org.ng/efacility/.

2). Input your Email Address and Password in the required boxes.

3). After that click on “Login“.

4). After logging into your portal, click on the ‘Check Admission Status‘.

5). Choose your examination year, and input your JAMB registration number in the required box.

6). After filling the details, click on the ‘Access my CAPS‘ button.

7). Go to the left-hand side and click on ‘Admission Status‘.

8). After that, click on the ‘Search‘ button in front of your JAMB Registration Number to load your profile.

9). Finally, you can go ahead to accept/reject your admission offer under ‘Admission Profile’.

Note: If you have if you were not offered admission, then feel free to keep checking back on the JAMB CAPS Admission portal.

Mobile Phones: How to ACCEPT or REJECT Admission on JAMB CAPS

Mobile Phone users may likely not be able to check their Admission Status on JAMB CAPS, due to the absence of the button. Some users end up seeing just a welcome message because they are using mobile devices. They are required to switch to desktop mode before they can access the JAMB CAPS and properly viewing the page. It is a lot better when you are using Google Chrome. Below is how to check, reject or accept Jamb caps admission.

1). Visit http://www.jamb.org.ng/efacility/, JAMB’s E-facility portal.

2). Input your Password and your Email Address in the columns provided.

3). Click on the “Login“.

4). When you login to the page, click on the ‘Check Admission Status‘.

5). Choose the examination year that you want to check, and also supply your JAMB registration number in the required boxes.

6). After filling them in, click on the ‘Access my CAPS‘ button.

7). Go to the top right corner of your browser and click the three-dotted line ( i.e. ⋮) and then click the ‘Desktop site‘ in the drop-down menu.

8). After that, click on the ‘Admission Status‘ which is located by the left panel.

9). Click on the ‘Search‘ button which is in front of your JAMB Registration Number to load your profile.

10). Finally, you can now reject/accept your admission offer which is under the ‘Admission Profile’.

NOTE: If you are offered admission, you can decide to *print your JAMB admission letter* from the portal. Be informed that the letter will be necessary during your registration and clearance in your admitted institution.

JAMB CAPS: How to Reject or Accept Program (Course) Transfer.

Don’t forget I mentioned earlier that you can do many things on the JAMB CAPS Admission portal which includes Accepting/Rejecting a Course transfer. Below is how to Accept or Reject Course / Program Transfer on JAMB CAPS:

1). Visit http://www.jamb.org.ng/efacility/, JAMB’s E-facility portal.
2). Fill in your “Password” and “Email Address” in the required boxes.
3). After that, go ahead and click on “Login“.
4). When you login, click on “Check Admission Status”.
5). Choose your examination year, & input your JAMB registration number in the required column.
6). After that, click on the ‘Access my CAPS‘ button.
7). Then, click on ‘Transfer Approval‘.
8). Lastly, make your choice by clicking on the ‘Accept‘ or ‘Reject‘ button to either accept/reject the course transfer.

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