Universities in Abuja approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC) of Nigeria will be listed in this article. In addition to that, you will also find other details about the website which also includes their fees their official websites, lot more. Ensure you carefully go through this page to find out the list of Private Universities in Abuja and their school fees, and lots more.

Accredited Private Universities in Abuja

So, if you reside around Abuja or nearby and wish to study in any of the private Universities in Abuja, then you definitely need this page. On this page, you will find out the five (5) private Universities accredited by NUC. We also listed out the locations and contact details which will help you easily locate any of the Universities listed.

1. Bingham University, FCT

Video Credit To Bingham


Location: P.M.B 005, KM 26 Abuja-Keffi Expressway Kodope.
Official Website: http://www.binghamuni.edu.ng/

Bingham University is among the few private University located in Abuja which is the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. They have been around since 2005 and it was established by the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) as a conventional University.

The University is fast growing in popularity and is currently been admired by most aspiring candidates. According to the institution, their main objective is to promote morals and provide high-quality education, spiritual value, and self-reliance among graduates of the institution. You can know more about Bingham University, FCT by watching the video above.

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2. Baze University, FCT

private universities in abuja (Baze University)

Image Credit To Baze University Abuja. 

Location: 6km from Abuja Central Area, on Jabi Airport Road Bypass Ring Road
Official Website: http://www.bellsuniversity.edu.ng/
Email: info@bazeuniversity.edu.ng
Phone: +234 813 376 9658

Another top Private University in Abuja is called Baze University and it’s actually ranking second on our list. It was established in 2011 with the vision to establish a distinctive quality-based educational institution. One of the things that makes them top ranking is their up-to-date equipment alongside their international experienced staffs and conducive environment for learning.

They first began with only three (3) faculties which include Law and Computing, Management and Social Sciences, and Applied Sciences. They presently have more than 5 faculties which include the three foundation faculties, Basic Medical, Faculty of Engineering and Environmental Sciences.

Baze University happens to be among the second most expensive University featured on this page. Nevertheless, the services they render fairly match the fees. Below are the fees per department:

  • Faculty of Law: ₦2,500,000.
  • Faculty of Management/Social Science: ₦2,500,000.
  • Faculty of Computing/Applied Sciences: ₦2,500,000.
  • Faculty of Engineering/Environmental Science: ₦2,500,000.

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3. Veritas University, FCT

private universities in Abuja (Veritas University, FCT)

Credit To Veritas.edu.ng

Location: Abuja, Nigeria.
Official Websitehttp://www.veritas.edu.ng/
Official Email: info@veritas.edu.ng
Phone: +234-806-423-7983

Veritas University also known as the Catholic University of Nigeria is another nice private University established by the Catholic Church of Nigeria in 2002. They intend to provide higher education and balanced training. The institution tends to promote cultural and authentic human development which is modeled on the person of Christ, who is the head of the foundation. The school environment and facilities are conducive to learning. Below are the school fees for each student in each department:


  • 450,000 for 100 Level students.
  • 450,000 for 200 Level students.
  • 500,000 for 300 Level students.
  • 500,000 for 200 Level students.

Medical Laboratory Science:

  • N500, 000 for 100 Level students.
  •  N550, 000 for 200 – 400 Level students.
  • Final Year: N600, 000.


  • 400,000 for 100 Level students.
  • 400,000 for 200 Level students.
  • 500,000 for 300 Level students.
  • 500,000 for 400 Level students.

Below Are Other fees:

  • N10,000 – Registration Fee for each Session.
  • N20,000 – Development Levy for each session.
  • N20,000 – Acceptance Fees for new Students.
  • N20,000 – Vocational Training Fee for each Session (100L & 200L only).
  • N113,400 – For Feeding.

4. Turkish Nile University

Private Universities in Abuja (Nile University Contact)

Location: Plot 681, Cadastral Zone C-OO, Research & Institution Area, Jabi Airport Bypass, Abuja FCT, Nigeria.
Official Websitehttp://www.ntnu.edu.ng/
E-mails: admission@nileuniversity.edu.ng
Phones: +23480 5489 2616, +23480 6735 0919.

The Nile University of Nigeria is among the best private Universities in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, it’s among the top two Private Universities in Abuja. it was established in the year 2009 with the sole aim of offering high-quality education to the people of Nigeria.

They first began with only three (3) faculties which include the faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Applied Sciences, Engineering, and Natural. They also kicked off at the beginning of the establishment with just 93 students. But currently, they more than four (4) thousand students (undergraduate and postgraduate). The Nile University of Nigeria happens to be the most expensive private University in Abuja featured on this list. Below are all the fees:


  • ₦2,300,000 for Economics.
  • ₦1,700,000 for English Language Studies.
  • ₦2,300,000 for Political Science and Int’l Relations.
  • ₦2,300,000 for Mass Communication.


  • ₦2,300,000 for Biology.
  • ₦2,300,000 for Biotechnology(new).
  • ₦2,300,000 for Biochemistry(new).
  • ₦2,300,000 for Microbiology(new).
  • ₦2,300,000 for Computer Science.


  • ₦2,300,000 for Accountancy.
  • ₦2,300,000 for Banking & Finance.
  • ₦2,300,000 for Business Administration.
  • ₦2,300,000 for Public Administration.


  • ₦2,300,000 for Electrical & Electronics Engineering.
  • ₦2,300,000 for Petroleum and Gas Engineering.
  • ₦2,300,000 for Computer Engineering.
  • ₦2,300,000 for Civil Engineering.


  • Bachelor of Law (LLB) ₦2,500,000


  • Medicine & Surgery Degree (MBBS) ₦5,750,000

5. African University of Science and Technology, FCT

Private Universities in Nigeria (African University of Science and Technology)


Location: Km 10 Airport Road, Galadimawa, Abuja F.C.T, Nigeria.
Email: (President@aust.edu.ng, Admissions@aust.edu.ng,
Academicregistrar@aust.edu.ng, Studentaffairs@aust.edu.ng).

Our list will not be complete if we do not add The African University of Science and Technology (AUST). They also happen to be a hotshot when it comes to the best Private universities in Abuja. It was established in the year 2007 with the major purpose of improving the standard of education in the country. AUST is presently offering only graduate-level programs by a combination of cutting-edge research programs and coursework.

Through international partnerships and established relationships, The African University of Science and Technology (AUST) has been able to attract support across the world. One of the things that made AUST prominent was the time they offered a full scholarship to every student for a full decade.

The reason the institution did that was to honor the words of Nelson Mandela which states that “no one with the ability to study and conduct valuable research should be prevented from education by lack of money”.

Presently, AUST is still committed to supporting students both young and old (especially young women) who desire to pursue careers in Technology, Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering by providing full scholarships for study at both master’s and doctoral levels.


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