Before coming up with this article, we have been receiving questions from various people concerning the subject ‘Courses to Study without Mathematics in Universities in Nigeria‘.

Generally, Mathematics seems to be one of the subjects most students in Nigeria experience a tough time dealing with. Though Mathematics seems to be required for almost all the courses studied in Nigerian educational institutions.

courses study without mathematics

courses to study without maths

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Despite the aforementioned, there are still a few courses you can study without Mathematics in some Nigerian Universities. We will be revealing to you the list of courses that don’t require mathematics. We will also list out some other courses that only require small effort in mathematics.

Some of the courses we will list don’t even require you to have a credit pass in Mathematics in your Senior Secondary School Examination before gaining admission into any Nigerian University. Even with D7, E8 or the worst F9, you will still be given admission to study the courses listed below once you meet the basic requirements.

Therefore, it behoves those students who are usually having issues with Mathematics to pay attention and try any of the courses we listed below in any University in Nigeria that offers them. Below are courses that don’t require Mathematics in Universities in Nigeria as well as other higher educational institutions.

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Courses to Study Without Mathematics in Universities

*. Law
*. History
*. psychology
*. Philosophy
*. Social studies
*. Islamic Studies
*. Political Science
*. Christian Theology
*. Mass Communication
*. Criminology and Security studies
*. French and International Relations
*. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
*. Languages (English, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, and others).

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Science Courses that Need Little Effort in Mathematics

It is obvious that most student who is scared of calculation usually run into ART courses. This is because Science, in general, is largely made up of calculations and Mathematics is one of the pillars of science. It is almost impossible to find a science course that totally removes Mathematics from the picture. Notwithstanding, we have compiled a list of Science courses that require little to no calculation.

The courses listed below may require Mathematics as part of their compulsory requirements for some of the courses, although you might not undergo serious calculation when compared to other courses. Below is the list of science courses that requires little calculations.

*. Anatomy
*. Agriculture
*. Biology
*. Botany
*. Nursing
*. Zoology
*. Geography
*. Veterinary medicine


With the list of courses that don’t require Mathematics in Nigerian Universities, you can now apply for hopefully apply for a course even with a bad O’level result in Mathematics.

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