In other to seamlessly register and avoid irrelevant mistakes, we have brought you WAEC & JAMB Subject Combination for Automobile Engineering alongside other important information.

The first thing you should know before going on to read the remaining paragraphs on this page is that you must be a science student before you can be qualified to study Automobile Engineering in any higher institution in Nigeria.

In the following paragraphs, you will find various information like the proper subject combination to study Automobile Engineering. You will also find the list of Universities in Nigeria offering candidates admission to study the course. Other vital information includes Direct Entry requirements for this course and places you can work with a degree in Automobile Engineering in Nigeria.

O’Level Subject Combination to Study Automobile Engineering

You are expected to have at least five (5) credit passes in the required NECO, GCE, or WACE SSCE examination. Below is the WAEC subject combination for Automobile Engineering.


1). Chemistry.

2). Mathematics.

3). Physics.

4). Use of English Language.


5). And one other Science subject.

JAMB Subject Combination for Automobile Engineering

You are expected not to score below 180 in the JAMB examination for this course because 180 is JAMB cut-off mark for this course. Nevertheless, we would advise that you score up to 200 and above to secure yourself a safe sport, though it doesn’t guarantee you express admission as there are other requirements that you must try to satisfy. Below is the three (3) compulsory JAMB UTME subject combination to study Automobile Engineering.

1). Physics.

2). Chemistry.

3). Mathematics.

Direct Entry Requirements to study Automobile Engineering

If you want to gain admission through Direct Entry into any Institution in Nigeria to study Automobile Engineering, then you must be prepared to meet the requirements listed below.

  • You are required to have an ‘A-Level’ passes in any 2 of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Universities In Nigeria Offering Automobile Engineering

  • Bauchi State University, Gadau: According to JAMB Brochure 2021/2022 the University happens to be the only one offering candidates admission to study Automobile Engineering.

Places You Can Work With a Degree in Automobile Engineering

With a degree in automobile engineering, you have a wide range of working opportunities in;

  • Production plants.
  • Automobile manufacturing industries.
  • State road transport corporations.

If you have adequate computer knowledge then you can work as CAD (Computer-Aided Design), CAM (Automation), you can even join any automobile producing company’s Research and Development team. In a nutshell below are things you can do with a degree in Automobile Engineering:

  • Designing
  • Emissions Research
  • Safety Engineering
  • Operations Research
  • Performance Engineer
  • Vehicle Dynamics Controller
  • NVH ( Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) Engineer
  • Open an  automobile maintenance workshop
  • Be a freelance Automobile Engineering Technician.

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