JAMB candidates are always curious to know how many questions JAMB set during the examination, if you are one of those people you are just on the right page.

This page will tell you how many questions JAMB sets, and we will also be telling you about how many hours you will be expected to answer all your questions.

Additionally, we will be answering some of the frequently asked questions. Thus, make sure you go through this article properly because each piece of information given out here is very vital.

NOTE: JAMB has officially lessened the total number of questions and also reduced the time that is being given to the candidates. The reduction was noticed first in the 2018 JAMB although much attention wasn’t given in the 2017 JAMB if the questions were reduced or if the time was reduced, as in 2016 we are very sure the question and time were not reduced.


The total number of questions JAMB usually sets for each JAMB candidate is 180 questions. You can find the breakdown below:

  • Use of English (60 Questions).
  • Agriculture (40 Questions).
  • Art (40 Questions).
  • Arabic (40 Questions).
  • Biology (40 Questions).
  • Chemistry (40 Questions).
  • Commerce (40 Questions).
  • CRS (40 Questions).
  • Economics (40 Questions).
  • French (40 Questions).
  • Geography (40 Questions).
  • Government (40 Questions).
  • Hausa (40 Questions).
  • History (40 Questions).
  • Home Economics (40 Questions).
  • IGBO (40 Questions).
  • Islamic Studies (40 Questions).
  • Literature (40 Questions).
  • Mathematics (40 Questions).
  • Music (40 Questions).
  • Physics (40 Questions).
  • Principles of Account (40 Questions).
  • Yoruba (40 Questions).


The time given to JAMB candidates has been reduced by Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board from 3 hours to 2 hours. This means that candidates have only 2 hours to answer all the questions that will be given to them.

You should also bear in mind that if you do not submit your work within the given time, once the time elapses, the system will log you out, so you should learn how to make use of your time wisely.


It would have been normal for use of English in JAMB to carry the highest mark since it contains more questions than other subjects well that is not the case.

Each of the four (4) subjects in your JAMB examination has a total of 100 marks. Therefore, regardless of the number of questions a JAMB subject has, it will sum up to 100 marks. These will result in a total number of 400 marks for the four (4) JAMB subjects.

You should also know that different questions carry different marks for the Use of English. Therefore, you have to be careful and smart when answering ‘Use of English’ questions. Take for instance:

Questions from comprehension passages carry more marks than a question from antonyms and synonyms, so you should be more careful while answering your comprehension questions.

Subjects such as Government, physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics, etc carry 2.5 marks for each question making 40 questions, to sum up to 100 marks.

 Breakdown of How JAMB Sets Use of English Questions


a 1 comprehension passage 5 questions
b 1 cloze passage 10 questions
c 1 reading text 10 questions

SECTION B: Lexis and Structure

a. Sentence Interpretation 5 questions
b. Antonyms 5 questions
c. Synonyms 5 questions
d. Basic Grammar 10 questions

SECTION C: Oral Forms

a. Vowels 2 questions
b. Consonants 2 questions
c. Rhymes 2 questions
d. Word Stress 2 questions
e. Emphatic stress 2 questions

Total Number of Questions = 60

Frequently Asked Questions

How many questions are there in each subject in JAMB?

JAMB set a total number of 180 questions. Use of English has 60 questions, 40 questions for subjects such as Physics, Commerce, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, etc

How many hours does JAMB last?

JAMB last for two (2) hours candidates are expected to answer all of the 180 questions and review their answers within two (2) hours and submit or the system will log them out.

Do Jamb Repeat Past Questions?

YES, JAMB does repeat past questions, that is why before going to write your JAMB UTME examination you are expected to have gone through the JAMB past questions.

Does JAMB Give a Calculator?

Joint Admission and Matriculation Board give branded, non-programmable calculators and mathematical set to candidates who will be taking Mathematics, physics and other subjects that require the use of a calculator and mathematical set.

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